Peugeot Scooters UK

Peugeot. A European manufacturer with more than a hundred years of experience in the 2-wheeler field. Well known for its unbeatable quality, performance, cutting edge design, durability, minimal environmental impact and importantly, value for money.

Client: Peugeot Scooters UK

Category: Scooters Importer



The main challenge on this project was to create multiwebsite system with dedicated subdomain for each dealer.  


Each dealer has his unique subdomain address with dealer details. Each dealer site has own sets of features like purely for SEO purposes:

-Unique website title with specific keywords

-Each site has different keywords targeted for dealer location eg. Dealer located in Farnborough has unique web title ( Farnborough scooters, Farnborough mopeds, Farnborough motorcycles)

All those solutions works perfectly boosting each sub site in local searches for scooters and motorcycles.

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